Technical update: Guarda now has a custom SSL certificate

Security is a journey of constant improvement. Unfortunately, scammers and bad faith actors are always adapting as well.

To further combat phishing attempts and improve your Guarda experience, we now have our own custom SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate

Short from Secure Sockets Layer, SSL is small data files connecting a cryptographic key to the details of an organization. Installed on a web server, an SSL certificate activates the HTTPS protocol to ensure a secure connection.

Not only does this update verify that you are using the official Guarda Wallet website and not a phishing one. Even more, we took excessive steps to register our own certificate.

How to check your app authenticity

  1. Click on the lock symbol in the browser address bar

2. Choose the “Certificate” field

3. Open the “Details” tab

The following tab contains our registry address, DNS names, and digital fingerprints:

Guarda wishes you a secure crypto journey. Stay safe!




We write about essential updates and news around Guarda Wallet Ecosystem

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Guarda Team

Guarda Team

We write about essential updates and news around Guarda Wallet Ecosystem

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