Set Up a Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet for iOS and Android

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4 min readMay 17, 2019

Create a mobile cryptocurrency wallet by following 6 easy steps. In this guide, the Guarda wallet team will describe the process of setting up the mobile wallet for iOS and Android.

Introduction to mobile crypto wallets

If you are looking for a secure mobile cryptocurrency wallet to store your coins and tokens in, this is a guide for you.
Mobile wallets are great for daily crypto management. First of all, applications grant us the ability to manage our cryptos on the run. Not worrying about having your wallet accessible only from your computer is great and saves the user a good amount of time. We will break down the basics of Mobile wallets in this article and provide the information on how to create a mobile wallet in just a few easy steps on Guarda.

What is a mobile wallet for cryptocurrency?

Mobile cryptocurrency wallet is an application that stores public and private keys on a user and interacts with blockchains to send/receive cryptocurrency and monitor wallet balances.

As having a cryptocurrency wallet is necessary for digital asset management, it is essential to go for a secure and trustworthy mobile crypto wallet provider.

Guarda offers mobile cryptocurrency wallets for iOS and Andriod — both the versions have full functionality including non-custodial crypto storage, built-in exchange, special features of supported coins and tokens and more.

How to create a mobile cryptocurrency wallet?

Creating a mobile crypto wallet is fairly easy. In the next paragraph, Guarda Wallet team will provide all the necessary information on how to create a mobile wallet both for iOS and Android using our service in this step-by-step tutorial.

Create a mobile cryptocurrency wallet by following these 6 steps

  • Go to AppStore or Google Play and find Guarda Wallet application there
  • Install the application and open it
  • Click create a new wallet
  • Make up a secure password to protect your Guarda Mobile wallet with
  • Read the security information and download your crypto wallet backup
  • Your mobile cryptocurrency wallet has just been created!

Step 1. Finding Guarda mobile app in AppStore or GooglePlay is easy — all you need to do is choose the right app. Besides, you can use this handy link that will redirect you exactly to the wallet version you need.

Step 2. Install the cryptocurrency wallet application to your device and open it to proceed with creating the wallet. If you are willing to know more information on the feature your new cryptocurrency wallet brings, you can always check the Mobile wallet section on Guarda wallet website.

Step 3. Creating a new wallet on Guarda is a simple process that requires making just 3 steps. By choosing to create a new cryptocurrency wallet on Gurda you are starting the journey into non-custodial crypto security. Remember that all Guarda wallets are free and never require you to disclose any personal information.

Step 4. A good cryptocurrency wallet password is essential, no matter what kind of wallet you are dealing with. Guarda wallet team general advice is choosing a password that does not consist of dictionary words and includes various letters, numbers and symbols. You can check our password guide here to help you out a little.

Step 5. On this screen, you will be presented with all the necessary information about your backup. Crypto wallet backup is essential to access your funds. In Guarda Mobile, you can unlock the wallet either with a combination of Guarda backup and password or Guarda backup and your fingerprint/FaceID. Guarda mobile wallet backup needs to be stored securely and out of the public eye. Please note that all our wallet are non-custodial and we do not have access to your passwords and backups. Hence, we will not be able to restore it in case of loss.

Step 6. Your mobile crypto wallet has just been created! Now you can manage over 40 major blockchains and more than cryptocurrency 10.000 tokens. The funds are available for storing, sending, receiving and exchanging with the best rates. Enjoy!

For additional information on Guarda mobile cryptocurrency wallet — visit our support’s Freshdesk.



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