How to store & manage any ERC20 tokens with Guarda

With Guarda Wallets you can store and manage all and any ERC20 tokens

Hello, Guarda community!

This time we’re going to talk about adding tokens to your Guarda Web & Desktop Wallets. We will explain:

  • Where one can find newly added cryptocurrencies, and

Attention, bounty hunters, this one is for you!

  • How to get any ERC20 tokens to your Guarda wallet, even if we haven’t add them to the interface yet.

A short introduction

Today’s tutorial came out from a case we have recently had with one of the users.

After another our announcement of adding a new token to the wallet, namely — Aeron, a user asked us where he could find the added token. It didn’t show up in the list of the currencies in the wallet interface. Should the user update a wallet? Or do something else?

We’ve answered to him in detail, and saw that the explanation can result in a good tutorial and may be of use to other users. Enjoy reading it and tell us, if it really helped you.

Tokens, newly added to the interface. Where can one find them?

To see a newly added token in your wallet, all you have to do is send this token to your ETH address in Guarda. As soon as you receive it, a new line will appear in the list of your wallets — like the Aeron on the print-screen below

To see a newly added token in your list, just send it to your Ethereum address in Guarda Wallet.

What about ERC20 tokens which haven’t been added to the interface yet. Can I still get them?

We’ve got a neat solution for this case, also. Basically, you can receive all and any ERC20 tokens with Guarda wallets. All you have to do is send them to your ETH address in Guarda.

Now the new token you’ve sent to your ETH address is already in your Guarda wallet, but you still can’t see it. To make it appear in the list of tokens, choose Ethereum and press “Tokens” . Then press “Add custom ERC20”.

Now enter the token’s smart contract address from the transaction you performed to send this token to your Guarda Wallet. Press “Add Token”.

A tip: you can find the smart contract address in the line “To: Contract” on the page of your transaction.

And here we are! Check the list of your ERC20 tokens — there’s a new one, which you’ve just added! In the example given it’s called DD.

And the last and very important step make a backup of your wallet. Save the file in a secure place.

Bounty hunters’ paradise

To sum up, Guarda Wallets provide a friendly environment to collect all your ERC20 tokens in one place. Once you’ve added a token to the list, you can send it or store it. As soon as those tokens will be exchange-listed, you’ll be able to perform all other operations with them, directly from the wallet, including selling & exchanging them.

That may be especially attractive for bounty-hunters, who tend to accumulate a wide variety of tokens. Wouldn’t it be handy to be able to manage all of them from one wallet? To us this desire seems natural, so we provide this opportunity to all Guarda users.

Moreover, you can import assets from your other wallets simply by importing your private key to a Guarda wallet. Just to remind you — being a lightwallet, Guarda doesn’t store your keys, neither we send it through the Internet. So, by doing this, you’ll be able to store all your assets in one place and in perfect safety.

Would you like to know more?

If you have any questions left, don’t doubt to ask us.

Your impressions and experience with Guarda Wallets also count, so go ahead and speak it out in comments :)

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We write about essential updates and news around Guarda Wallet Ecosystem

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Guarda Team

Guarda Team

We write about essential updates and news around Guarda Wallet Ecosystem

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