How to Create a Reddcoin Wallet | Step-by-step Guide | Guarda tutorials

Choose a secure RDD wallet

While searching for a worthy wallet to store your RDD, you should pay attention to how each storage provider ensures the security of your funds. If you are not a fan of hardware storage, a custody-free wallet would be your perfect choice. In accordance with decentralization principles, they do not have access to your private keys, personal information and backups. By means of not sharing your private data, you eliminate the risks of leaks or hacker attacks and stay fully responsible for your assets.

Read through the RDD wallet reviews

Some people underestimate the power of reviews and its value for other users. Remember the last time you had a bad experience with some services. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could foresee the future? What if we say that you can? Getting familiar with user feedback is a great tool for avoiding an unpleasant experience. Other users’ opinions may be quite useful, as they show you the pros and cons of each storage and let you understand what you can do next. Check the reviews for a mobile application in App Store or Google Play, as well as on specialized review platforms like Trustpilot or Cryptocompare for Web, Desktop or Chrome Extension versions.

Join the RDD wallet community

The information available on the website is perhaps too biased as it is in the developer’s interest to get your attention. That is why we recommend joining wallet communities. It’s not a social club but more of a place full of useful information and experienced people. They can help you to evaluate the wallet’s reliability and better understand available features.

Dive into crypto world with your Reddcoin wallet

If you have made it through the theoretical part of this article, you deserve a little break. We have already covered 4 requirements that each respectable wallet should meet, and now we are going to introduce you to one of such wallets. In addition to meeting the necessary conditions, Guarda — the leading non-custodial wallet — supports RDD on various platforms: Web, Desktop (Windows, Linux, macOS), Mobile (Android and iOS) and Chrome Extension. Do you want to get started with your Web RDD wallet in a few easy steps? Then you would want to keep reading.

Create a Reddcoin wallet by following these 4 steps:

  1. Go to the Guarda Wallet website and choose “Create Wallet” on the main page
  2. Create a strong password for your wallet
  3. Download the backup file and keep it in a secure place
  4. Your Reddcoin wallet has just been created!



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