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How to store and manage Dash?

Like any other cryptocurrency on its own blockchain, Dash should be stored in one of the dedicated wallets. Being a wide-spread and popular digital asset, it attracts much attention of the developers, and thereby the wallet choice becomes quite challenging. The Guarda team conducted a research in the field and prepared for you a helpful check-list. Follow the points mentioned below to simplify the process and make the right decision.

Concentrate on security

As well as fiat currency, crypto should be stored securely. This is the main rule. Talking of software wallets, we strongly recommend you to take only custody-free ones. In comparison to custodial storages, non-custodial wallets appear to be more reliable since they never keep or share with any third-party services the user’s personal data or private keys. Thus, you’ll be the only person who can access the funds and manage the backups. Being in charge of your own money is essential, isn’t it?

Mind the update frequency

When it comes to digital products and financial services, constant development equals security. In order to preserve your crypto assets, try to find a rapidly evolving wallet. All the new features, updates, bug fixes and other improvements are usually announced by the team. Check the wallet’s official website, social media pages and community chats if you’re looking for this kind of news. Thus, the long silence won’t be a good sign, obviously. In this case, go and find another variant.

Read the wallet reviews

Don’t underestimate user feedback. Comments and reviews left by strangers can help you to evaluate the trustworthiness of the wallet, understand its special features and find out all the pitfalls beforehand. Look for this kind of content on the dedicated pages of App Store and Google Play (for mobile applications), as well as on specialized review platforms like Trustpilot and CryptoCompare.

Join the wallet community

It’s always better to be in a good company, right? Even if you prefer solitude consider joining the community of your wallet. Think of it rather as a source of information than as a social club. Experienced community members can solve most of the novice’s problems and doubts, they are ready to share their valuable experience and help to navigate in the vast amount of information floating around. In order to find such cryptocurrency enthusiasts, you can check the wallet’s Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, Steemit and GitHub.

Start using your new wallet

If you went through the points listed above successfully, considered carefully all the variants with their pros and cons, and finally made up your mind, it is time to set up a new wallet. Follow the instructions from the next paragraph to create a wallet for Dash in just a few steps.

How to set up a Dash wallet?

It is fairly easy to create a wallet for Dash on Guarda. Its web, desktop (Windows, Linux, MacOS), mobile (Android, iOS) and Chrome extension versions fully support Dash along with 40 more popular blockchains and their tokens. In this guide, we will explain to you how to get a web wallet step by step.

Create a Dash wallet by following these 4 steps:

  1. Click “Create Wallet” on the main page of Guarda Wallet website;
  2. Think of a strong password for your Dash wallet;
  3. Download the backup;
  4. Your Dash wallet has just been created!



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