Guarda Wallet: 2022 Year in Recap

Guarda Team
5 min readDec 30, 2022


Regardless of the bearish trends, we’re building and growing the ecosystem! 2022 brought a lot of new developments for Guarda Wallet. Now let’s unwrap some of the last year’s updates…

There’s a whole lot of new coins in this bag!

Safe to say, 2022 was blasting in terms of increasing our Guarda assets fam with multiple top blockchains, including:

  • Solana + all tokens on SOL
  • Polygon + all tokens on MATIC (NFTs included!)
  • Avalanche
  • Terra Luna 2.0.
  • MultiversX, f.k.a. Elrond
  • Kusama
  • Ethereum PoW

+1 to Guarda’s staking fam

With the addition of Qtum to our staking assets family, you can now try secure offline QTUM staking on web and desktop apps with over 6% APY.

Stake now — and join the wholesome QTUM hodlers community! 🫶

Pay with crypto — anywhere, anytime

Crypto adoption goes fast, but not as fast as you’d wish? Guarda got you covered!

With the introduction of Prepaid Visa Cards to Guarda ecosystem, you can now book your own virtual or plastic card right in your mobile Guarda app, and pay with more than 20 popular cryptocurrencies in over 60M merchants worldwide that support Visa! 💳

Low fees, Apple Pay compatible, ever-expanding list of supported cryptos — what’s more to wait for? 🛍️

Explore and book yours now here.

Selling option for fiat implemented

You’ve asked, we delivered: you can now not just buy, but cash out hundreds of coins and tokens directly in web and desktop Guarda app for more than 30 fiat currencies!

KYC checks apply (obviously).

Never send coins to the wrong address with human-readable NFT domains

Forget the fear of mistaking this long list of confusing symbols and losing your crypto. Promoting human-readable handles all the way through 2022, we’re expanded our collaboration with FIO and issued a major update for our support for Unstoppable Domains.

Book your ultimate NFT handle for your entire portfolio and emphasize your web3 identity!

Juicy offers included:

1st year of FREE USE for ANY FIO handle

One-time fee for Unstoppable Domain purchase (depends on the rarity of the domain), then no renewal fees!

The Big Event… The Ethereum Merge

In 2022, Ethereum executed the groundbreaking Merge to the Proof-of-Stake mechanism — the only event of such an overwhelming scale in the industry.

As The Merge was successfully supported on Guarda, we’re now anticipating Shanghai upgrade when stakers can start withdrawing their coins locked in the Ethereum network.

Meanwhile, ETH staking with GETH collateral ERC20 token by Guarda still allows you to move your coins with no hurdles.

TRON support expanded (POV: no TRX fees anymore!)

We’ve upgraded our TRX staking mechanism in Guarda’s own node, so that now you can earn more from staking, and also secure Energy and Bandwidth points in between.

Use them for zero-fee TRON and TRC20 tokens transactions!

Earn 2.0

We’ve significantly upgraded the in-app UI for our stakers, so that now you can track your staked crypto assets in real time, see all your APY rates in one place & more!

Try it out now!

Guarda App 2.0… soon!

Something long-awaited is coming… and it’s a complete revamp of our mobile app!

You can test it now early on and get exchange fee discounts & other perks for finding possible bugs and inviting your friends!

Just follow the simple steps here

How we feel after using the upgraded Guarda mobile app (and hopefully you will too when it’s released!)

2022 has been a challenging yet exciting year for Guarda Wallet. Now we’re going to further increase the quality and the scale of our product so that you can safely manage your crypto assets in one place, your way!

With an emphasis on crypto education and building, we do feel 2023 is going to be a rewarding journey!

Most importantly, THANK YOU, our precious users, for your continuous support! Team Guarda always 💜

Happy New Year!



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